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Information Disclosure Policy

The Purpose of the Information Disclosure Policy

The purpose of the Information Disclosure Policy is to provide financial and non-financial information about the company except for trade secrets; to ensure that it is shared with shareholders, employees, customers and other related parties on a timely manner and on the principles of being accurate, complete, understandable, up-to-date, easily accessible and equal basis. In this way, the Company’s compliance with the “Transparency” principle from the Corporate Governance Principles specified in the “Circular on Corporate Governance Principles in Insurance Companies and Reinsurance Companies and Pension Companies” is aimed.

Disclosure Contents

Company discloses necessary financial information and other explanations with public, within the frame of Insurance Supervision Law, other regulations in relation thereto and Turkish Commercial Code, while observing generally accepted accounting principles and Corporate Governance principles.

The balance between the transparency of the company and the protection of its interests is observed in the determination of trade secret information.


Information Methods and Instruments

In order to serve stated purpose, it is ensured to inform the public through below specified channels.


Corporate Web Site: The corporate web-site of the company is actively used in accordance with current regulations in order to inform public and all related parties accurately and intelligibly.

Our corporate web site includes the following information below, in addition to the required information stated in the Regulation Concerning Disclosure of Information Under Insurance Contracts and other relevant regulations in force;

a.    Corporate information about the company in Turkish and English –published after any changes

b.    Particulars of the trade registration of the company

c.    Articles of Association

d.    Information about the members of the Board of Directors – published after revisions

e.    Annual Reports- annually published

f.     Independent audit reports annually published) and financial statements (quarterly published), including the footnotes, covering the current year and the last five years

g.    Mission and Vision of the company

h.    Product brochures and contents

i.      Communication Details


Press Releases: There are no regular contacts or meetings set with the press. Press releases are given to the printed and visual media when deemed necessary or when responding to the demands from the members of the press is considered necessary. Press releases in printed and visual media may be given by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer or any other persons authorized by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or Chief Executive Officer. All Employees are required to forward any release requests to the Marketing Department immediately. The contents of the press releases are determined with the coordination of the Marketing Department and with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer. The texts of the press releases may be submitted to the opinion of the General Counsel Function, when deemed necessary.  


Trade Registry Gazette: Required announcements and proclamations are made through Trade Registry Gazette in case of amendments of articles of association, general board meeting, capital increase, etc.


Other Matters: Notifications in addition to those mentioned above are signed within the scope of authorizations set in the Company’s certificate of authorized signatures and may be disclosed to the public accordingly.

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