Uncontested Traffic Collusion Record

In case of traffic accidents with material damage, you can fill in the accident report without waiting for the traffic officer and apply to us with this report.

Record for Accident Resulting With Material Damage

With the increasing population in today's conditions, the number of vehicles in traffic has increased, which makes the daily traffic accidents inevitable. The incidents that occur as a result of accidents, put both the victims and those, who have to wait in traffic for hours despite of not being involved in the accidents, into a bad situation. Situations such as waiting for the traffic officer for a long time and the requirements of not moving the vehicles before the traffic officer arrives, increase the victimization even more and adversely affect the flow of traffic. In order to eliminate all above mentioned problems, the provisions regarding the traffic accidents in article 81 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918, which was accepted in 1983, have been re-evaluated in today's conditions. Under the Circular No. 2007/27 issued by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, a method, which offers parties the option to reach a settlement only for traffic accidents resulting with material damage, has been created. According to this method, as of April 1, 2008, the persons involved in the accident, provided that they comply with the Traffic Law, will be able to agree each other and issue a record of settlement in lieu of “Traffic Accident Detection Report

What is a “Record for Accident Resulting With Material Damage??

The parties involved in traffic accidents with material damages only will issue a Record for Accident Resulting With Material Damage which is in agreement with each other without waiting for the arrival of traffic officer and apply to insurance companies with this document.

In which cases it does not apply?

In the event of one or more of the following situations, it will not be possible to issue a traffic accident detection report filled by the parties and therfore will not be accepted by Sompo Sigorta. For this reason, in the following cases, the traffic officer should be called and a record should be kept as in the previous practice. Apart from this, only in case of accidents with material damage, it is possible for the parties to issue a record only if they reach an agreement.

  1. If the driver is driving a motor vehicle without a driver's license or is using a motor vehicle with an insufficient license
  2. If the driver is under age,
  3. If the driver is suspected of using alcohol or mental health,
  4. If one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions,
  5. If damage occurs to goods belonging to public institutions,
  6. In case of damage to the belongings of third parties only,
  7. If one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident do not have traffic insurance,
  8. If a traffic accident has resulted with death and / or injury.
In the event that the parties cannot reach an agreement, except in the cases mentioned above, it is necessary to call a traffic officer and to record a report as in the previous practice.

How can you obtain the record?

You can access the sample of the record either from the agency that issued your policy or by clicking the button below.

Points to be applied and considered when filling the Record for Accident Resulting With Material Damage

Proceedings that should be performed related to the minutes:

  1. In vehicles that are repaired in our contracted services, since these operations are done on behalf of you in contracted locations, you can take repair services from contracted locations and submit your accident record to the service official.
  2. You can view our contracted services from our website or you can learn from our Damage Contact Center 0850 250 81 81 You can also give the accident report to the insurance assessor appointed for the expertise.

Transactions to be carried out by Sompo Sigorta regarding the record

  1. The record examined by the Tramer Unit shall be finalized in the event of agreement by defining the defect rates within 3 days by the parties to which it is a party.
  2. If the defect rate cannot be agreed by the companies, the defect rates will be decided within 3 days by the commission attached to the Insurance Information Center.
  3. Defect rates shall be determined as 0%, 50% or 100% and intermediate values shall not be used.
  4. The beneficiaries will be able to follow the record review process and the verdict at the Tramer website.
You can get support from our agencies and our Damage Contact Center via 0850 250 81 81 on all issues hesitated regarding the application. We wish you no need to use it at all but we strongly recommend that you keep a record on accident with material damage in your vehicle.

Points to be applied and considered after a Traffic Accident Resulting With Material Damage

Photographs showing the damage from different angles should be taken at the site of the accident without moving the vehicles.

Photocopies of license and driver's license should be provided with those involved.

Only the parties involved in the accident are authorized to fill the report. However, it is not necessary to have a license. The drivers involved in the accident will be able to issue the report.

Multiple forms may be used in traffic accidents involving more than two vehicles. In this case, each form must be signed by all the drivers.

All parties involved in the accident must have a wet signature on the form. Even if the reports have been copied with the photocopy, signatures must be signed after the photocopy. If the signature of one of the drivers involved in the accident is missing, the report will not be valid.

All information on the form must be read carefully and filled out in accordance with the descriptions on the front page.

In particular, the traffic policy numbers of all vehicles involved in the accident and the relevant insurance companies should be indicated. If the policy cannot be determined when it is not specified, the report shall deem to be invalid.

In order to avoid problems in the determination of defect rates and other investigations, the occurrence of the accident should be clearly written and sketched.

Please make sure that your handwriting is legible when filling out the relevant records.

And please note that this application only covers accidents with material damage.

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