Business Package

You can be prepared for any bad surprises that may arise in your workplace and fulfill all your responsibilities.


With Business Package Insurance that protects your business with a single policy, you do not have to think about anything. Together with your assets at work, Everything is protected without affecting the continuity of your business.

Product Content

Business Downtime

Machinery Breakdown & Electronic Device


Fire and Supplementary Coverage&

  1. Fire, lightning, explosion
  2. Storm
  3. Internal water
  4. land vehicles collusion
  5. Aircraft crash
  6. Debris removal costs
  7. Smoke
  8. Earth shift
  9. foundations
  1. Snow weight
  2. Strikes, lockouts, mayhem, public movements, malicious movements, terrorism
  3. Fire liability (Tenant / owner, neighborhood)
  4. The loss of rent by the tenant-owner
  5. Alternative workplace costs
  6. Theft of fixed assets in the workplace building
  7. Temporary address transfer
  8. Downtime
  9. Hail
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Ek Teminatlar

Lack of Insulation

Lack of Insulation

Physical Losses

Physical Losses

Safe Theft

Safe Theft

Transportation Commodity

Transportation Commodity

  1. Earthquake and volcano eruption
  2. Collusion of watercraft
  3. Flood-inundation
  4. Theft
  5. Prescription and clipping theft
  6. Glass breakage
  7. Fidelity insurance 
  8. Test drives
  9. Cash in transit
  10. Machine breakdown (first loss based)
  11. Product deterioration in cooling devices
  12. Electronic device   (first loss based)
  13. Electrical damage
  14. New value clause
  15. Third party liability (including the use of Lift)
  16. Professional liability (for Pharmacy Branch)
  17. Employer's liability
  18. Under Insurance 
  19. New investments
  20. Incidental construction works

Sompo Special Package

Product Benefits

24/7 Assistance

Assistance Services

Professional Workplace Services Organization

Electrical works

Glass Works

Plumbing Works

Locksmith Service

General Terms and Conditions

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