SME Financial Assurance

As SME, you have peace of mind with SME Financial Assurance, which provides you with a single policy for the risks of liability, fire, theft, downtime, personal accident.


With SME Financial Assurance Insurance, which combines your fire, theft and liability risks in a single policy, you are now safer in your workplace. You can benefit from different payment options for SME Financial Assurance Insurance which you can have with the wide margin content offered and alternative limit options.

Product Content

Product Liability

Business Professional Liability

Earthquake Damage

Third Party Financial Liability

  1. Third Party Financial Liability
  2. Fire, Explosion-Steam Smoke-Water-Strike-Lockout-Turmoil-Public Movements-Malicious Movements and Terror Liability
  3. Environmental Responsibility
  1. Business Professional Liability
  2. Product Liability
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