Complementary Health

Would you like to be under coverage with premiums that are affordable for your budget without paying any additional fee in the contracted private hospitals against the health problems?


With Complementary Health Insurance you can have a high standard of health care without any additional fees at Sompo Sigorta and SSI contracted institutions. Moreover, you can secure the difference fees that you will pay for faculty members in public university hospitals.

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Daily Inpatient Treatment Compensation

Outpatient treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment Coverage

Your inpatient treatment costs are covered 100% and unlimited  within the framework of special and general conditions.

  1. Surgical and internal hospitalizations
  2. Intensive care
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Radiotherapy
  5. Dialysis
  6. Minor intervention
  7. Coronary angiography
  8. Standard single private room, meal and companion expenses
  9. Physiotheraphy (Postoperative)

Outpatient Coverages

A maximum of 10 application  limits per insured  is provided with a wide coverage.

  1. Examination by a doctor
  2. Laboratory
  3. Radiology
  4. Advanced diagnostic methods
  5. Physiotheraphy
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Health Call Center 0850 250 0 757

Health Call Center 0850 250 0 757

Ambulance coordination service

Ambulance coordination service

Dental Treatment Package

Dental Treatment Package



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