Critical Illness

Continue where you left off with Sompo Sigorta, which provides financial protection against dangerous illnesses that can lead to high treatment costs.


Sompo Sigorta is always at your side against the surprises of life. If you are caught in dangerous diseases that lead to unexpected and high treatment costs we cover your diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment needs within the scope of the coverage plan you determine.

Product Content

Second Opinion Service

Oncology Support Package

9 Critical Diseases

Other Coverages

  1. Cancer
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Organ transplantation (Heart, liver, lung and pancreas transplantation)
  4. Blindness
  1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  2. Parkinson
  3. Alzheimer
  4. Burnt (3. Degree)
  5. Hearing loss
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Additional services

Second Opinion Service

The second consultation service for cancer diagnosis and treatment protocol to be applied after the diagnosis is organized via the expert contracted private health institution and the expenses of this service are covered by the Life Therapy Insurance.

Oncology Support Package

 Within the scope of the Oncology Support Package, you can benefit from Dietitian Interview ” service 6 times a year and Transportation to Hospital” and “Psychologist Interview” services 12 times a year. Transportation to the hospital service is provided only in Istanbul and other services are provided in Istanbul and Ankara.

If the “Cancer” diagnosis, which is among the diseases covered, is established and the entitlement to compensation is valid, you can benefit from the Oncology Support Package and Second Opinion services.

Who can benefit?

All Turkish citizens between 18-60 can benefit.

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