Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)

Rest assured with the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance that you will have against the damages to be caused by an earthquake directly or indirectly in the building you live in!

You shall have nothing to fear thanks to the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance offered under state guarantee against the direct effects or indirect consequences of an earthquake! A peaceful life is waiting for you with the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance offered by Sompo.

The Buildings Covered Under the Provisions of Article 2 of the Statutory Decree on the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Law No. 587 are as follows:

  1. Residential buildings built on private property immovable properties registered at title deed office
  2. Independent sections within the scope of Law No. 634 on Property Ownership
  3. Independent sections of these buildings used for commercial, office and similar purposes
  4. Dwelling constructed by or by using credit made available by the state due to natural disasters  

In addition, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, is also valid for the buildings with construction servitude established conforming to the foregoing requirements, buildings, for which no type determination has been established before the title deed and have been registered as plot and cooperative houses for which no title deed registration has been made

We would like to remind you that the insurances of dwellings built before 2000, which do not yet have independent title deeds, can be made based on the declaration of the insurer and with the information of the land title deed.

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Earthquake Induced Fire

Earthquake Induced Explosion

Earthquake Induced Landslide


Material damages (including those happened in foundations, main walls, common walls separating independent sections, garden and retaining walls, ceilings and floors, stairs, elevators, landings, corridors, roofs and chimneys) caused by an earthquake, fire caused by an earthquake, explosion as a result of earthquake, tsunami caused by earthquake, landslide as a result of earthquake are covered under DASK up to the sum insured.

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