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Sompo Sigorta Yerküreye Saygı - Hürriyet KSS Dosyası

Sompo Insurance Respect for the World - Hürriyet CSR File

Sompo Insurance Sales and Marketing Assistant General Manager Özer Simsek; With the Respect for Earth project, we aim to create disaster awareness among individuals starting from the child age and to explain what can be done to prevent the earth from heating up any more.

What are the objective and goals of the Say Respect for Earth ?

Speaker: Sompo Insurance Sales and Marketing Assistant General Manager Özer Simsek

As Sompo Insurance, we have started a long-term corporate social responsibility project that will raise awareness on global warming and climate change, first at the social level and then at the individual level. Since this project concerns all humanity, we have given the name Respect for Earth”. Overheating on the Earth and the resulting climate change threaten our daily lives at a much higher rate day after day. Unexpected weather events are now felt in cities. Due to insufficient urban infrastructure that cannot tolerate the amount of rainfall, quality of life is being threatened more and more due to the weather events such as urban floods, hail, storms and tornadoes.

Our main objective is to create awareness of the disaster first, by creating awareness at the social level and then at the individual level, by accepting the fact that climate change is inevitably a phenomenon in our lives, to create disaster awareness starting from the children age, to teach the ways of protection from disasters and to protect the earth in a higher dimension as the awareness of what should be done.

In this context, we cooperate with Mikdat Kadioglu, who is a Professor of Meteorology and Disaster Management and is Turkey's one of the most prominent scholars on climate. Within the framework of the project, we plan to undertake initiatives that will be transformed into action in many areas, primarily in the area of disaster awareness. If I need to talk about these; with the project we have initiated, we will encourage making an academic study on climate change in cooperation with a leading university and announce its outputs to the public. We will share with our target audience the level of public awareness and awareness about this issue and what needs to be done.

We will organize awareness seminars for Sompo agents with our mentor Miktad Kadioglu. We will also have a photography exhibition with Respect for Earth” theme. With the participation of our mentor Miktad Kadioglu, we aim to reach the general public through radio spots on 'a better future' theme.

For Respect for Earth ”, what can we do as a society and individual against climate change?

First of all, we should increase initiatives such as ”Respect for Earth” and increase social awareness, and then we should start a common struggle at the level of consciousness. This is because climate change affects not only our daily lives as natural disasters but also investments in agriculture, food, economy, energy and industry.

As a citizen of the world, we need to be sensitive particularly to these issues; 

First of all, it is very important to have detailed information on this subject. We cannot love, defend and protect a subject we do not know.

  1. We must plant trees and protect nature.  
  2. We must save energy by switching off electrical devices.
  3. We should only take a shower without filling water in the bathtub and use water efficiently while taking a shower.
  4. We should travel less and for short distances, do our shopping at the are where we live and encourage using local goods.
  5. We should not operate the dishwasher / washing machine until it is full.
  6. We need to run the Kettle before it's full.
  7. We should cook at home and eat at home as much as possible.
  8. We should consume less and use recycled products
  9. We should inform decision makers that we are sensitive to the problem of climate change.
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