Climate Insurance

Thanks to Sompo Climate Insurance, your comprehensive protection against natural events, the frequency of which is increasing day by day, is ready! By viewing your offer instantly, you can get a special price and get your Climate Insurance in minutes against many disasters you may encounter.


With Sompo Climate Insurance, which is the first and only in Turkey, you can protect yourself, your home, your vehicle (if included in the policy), your boat, your workplace and your pet against disasters for four seasons, and look to the future with confidence!

Be Prepared for All Conditions with Sompo Climate Insurance!

Be prepared for all conditions with Sompo Climate Insurance! Climate Insurance, which will protect you, your home, workplace, boat and vehicle (if included in the policy) against unavoidable and unwanted disasters that we encounter more frequently, such as fire, storm, flood, and landslide, is with you for all four seasons! To get more detailed information about the Climate Insurance coverage, which is among the Sompo housing insurance products, you can start to review our Climate Insurance product.

What is Climate Insurance?

With Climate Insurance, in addition to the fire, which is the main coverage, disasters such as hail, storms, floods, tornadoes, the frequency and severity of which are increasing worldwide due to global climate change, and the indirect effects of such disasters as snow weight, landslide, hail, your residence, workplace, motor land vehicle, boat, building and goods are insured on a first-fire basis against the risks of damage to your vehicle, tree falling due to storms, and personal accident. You can purchase Climate Insurance within the limit you choose from among 2 different packages, with or without vehicle selection. In this way, you can choose the plan that best suits your preference with collateral alternatives and continue your life with peace of mind.


Product Content


Fire, Lightning, Explosion






Personal Accident

  1. Tornado, Storm, Hurricane
  2. Snow Weight
  3. Landslide
  1. Tree Falling (Storm Induced)
  2. Glass Break (Hail)
All Coverages

Product Advantages

  • With the advantage of 2 different plans, you can choose the coverage limit yourself.
  • You can include or exclude your vehicle if you wish.
  • Climate Insurance can protect your vehicles or real estates such as residences, workplaces, motor vehicles and boats with a single policy. For example; In case of having Climate Insurance, the damages that will occur both on the exterior windows of the insured's house as a result of hail and, if included, on the windows of the vehicle will be covered.
  • Even if the insured has insurance policies covering the same damage date and guarantees for the assets covered by the policy, the product can be used as a supplement for amounts exceeding the policy coverage.
  • In the event that your pet is injured or injured as a result of an accident covered by the policy, the doctor's fee for treatment, surgical procedures, medication, analysis, x-ray and other expenses are also covered.

Climate Insurance Prices

For more detailed information about Climate Insurance, you can call 0850 250 8181 or contact us through our agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Climate Insurance?

In addition to fire, which is the main coverage with Climate Insurance, disasters such as hail, storm, flood, tornado, the frequency and severity of which are increasing worldwide due to global climate change, and the indirect effects of these disasters such as snow weight, landslide, storm-induced tree fall and It is an insurance that creates individual and social awareness while securing the insured's assets such as residence, workplace, vehicle (if included in the policy) and boat, including buildings and goods, against risks such as glass breakage due to hail. With Climate Insurance, which insures against disasters, you expand the scope of your home insurance, vehicle insurance, workplace insurance policies.

Why Should I Have Climate Insurance?

“What does Climate Insurance do?” You are in the right place for answers to your questions such as: According to the studies, the most important problem facing our world today is defined as climate change-global warming with a rate of 27%. Climate Insurance is one of your most important guarantees to protect yourself from the effects of global warming. While the increase in temperature will remain limited until the end of the 2030s, it is expected to increase rapidly after this period and to reach 4°C in winter and 6°C in summer, although seasonal and regional differences show.

When the period covering the summer months is examined, 29 of our citizens lost their lives due to the disasters caused by global warming due to urban floods in the last 2.5 months.

Due to climate change, we often see hail disasters, floods and floods, tree falling due to storms, glass breakage and damage to the outer surfaces of motor vehicles. Against all this, we understand the importance of securing ourselves first and then our home, workplace and vehicle.

Is Secure Payment Possible When Buying Insurance Online?

While you protect your future by taking out insurance, Sompo Insurance protects your credit card and you! No purchase is made without your knowledge and approval at Sompo Sigorta, where payments are made with 3D Secure, one of the most reliable online payment methods. “What is 3D Secure” or “What does 3D Secure mean?” If you have any questions, we will answer them immediately. After entering your credit card information at the purchasing stage, you complete the secure payment process by entering the confirmation code sent to your phone number registered in your bank, on the payment screen. Thanks to the 3D Secure Payment system, you can make your insurance transactions over the internet without any question marks in your mind. You can get detailed information by contacting my Call Center regarding your questions about secure payment.

What Does Climate Insurance Cover?

Climate insurance coverages are as follows:

Fire, lightning, explosion



Tree falling due to storm

Glass break (hail)

Tornado, storm, hurricane


Personal Accident

Snow weight

If I Have 3 Houses, 2 Cars, and 2 Workplaces within the Scope of Climate Insurance, Can I Get All of them Covered?

With Climate Insurance, assets such as residence, workplace, vehicle (if included in the policy) and boat belonging to the insured are insured, provided that one of each.

Are All Building Styles Covered by the Climate Insurance Policy?

Wooden houses are not covered by the guarantee.

If Both My House and My Car Are Damaged by Hail, Will the Insurance Cover?

Within the scope of the Climate Insurance coverage, the damages that may occur due to hail in the car of the insured (if the vehicle is included), residence and workplace are covered within the limits written in the policy.

Does the Insured Determine the Coverage Covered by Climate Insurance?

Climate Insurance is offered with 2 plans and both plans have options with and without vehicle selection. The residence, workplace, vehicle and boat belonging to the insured are included in the coverage on the basis of first fire.

Is Storm Tree Fall Cover Valid Only for Residences and Businesses? Is the Vehicle Included in the Coverage?

Vehicle coverage is optional. If it is included in the policy, the fall of trees on the vehicle caused by the storm is covered.

In the event that the boat also damages the property of the third party as a result of the storm, is there a guarantee for the third party?

There is no guarantee covering the damages given to third parties within the scope of the policy.