Life Therapy Insurance

Life Therapy Insurance is with you to protect yourself from the ailments and dangerous diseases that life throws in your path! You can look to the future with confidence with Life Therapy Insurance, which ensures you against high treatment costs and helps you to continue your life comfortably. You can review our Life Therapy Insurance product for Life Therapy Insurance coverage, coverage, prices and conditions.


Sompo Insurance is always with you against the surprises of life with Life Therapy Insurance.

What is Life Therapy Insurance?

In the event that you catch dangerous diseases that cause unexpected and high treatment costs, it covers your needs that may arise after diagnosis, treatment and treatment within the scope of the coverage plan that you will determine.


Product Content

Life Therapy

Second Opinion Service

Life Therapy

Oncology Support Package

Life Therapy Insurance Other Coverages

  1. Cancer
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Organ transplantation (Heart, liver, lung and pancreas transplantation)
  4. Blindness
  1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  2. Parkinson's
  3. Alzheimer's
  4. Burn (3rd Degree)
  5. Hearing loss
All Coverages

Additional services

Second Opinion Service

The service to get a second opinion on the diagnosis of cancer and the treatment protocol to be applied after the diagnosis is organized through contracted private health institutions, and the costs of this service are covered by the Life Therapy Insurance.

Oncology Support Package

Within the scope of the Oncology Support Package, you can benefit from the "Dietitian Call" service 6 times a year, and the "Transport to the Hospital" and "Psychologist Call" services 12 times a year. Transportation to the Hospital service is provided only in the province of Istanbul, while other services are provided in the provinces of Istanbul and Ankara.

You can benefit from Oncology Support Package and Second Opinion services if you are diagnosed with "Cancer", which is among the diseases covered by the coverage, and you are entitled to compensation.

Who can benefit?

All Turkish citizens between the ages of 18-60 can take out Life Therapy Insurance.

Product Advantages

  • You can receive compensation for emerging illnesses after the 90-day waiting period has been completed, without a further waiting period.
  • Life Therapy Insurance coverage plans are prepared with three options. In case of realization of the risk, you can determine the compensation amount you want to receive in accordance with your expectations and needs. Your Life Therapy Insurance price offer also varies in line with the coverage plans.
  • You can continue to benefit from Oncology Support Package and Second Opinion services, even if your policy expires in case of compensation.

Is Life Therapy Insurance Mandatory?

Life Therapy Insurance is not a compulsory insurance. In order to secure your own health and look to the future with confidence, you may consider taking out health insurance.

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