Sompo Sigorta CEO Recai Dalas has been appointed as the Head of Global Retail Operations of the Group.

Sompo Sigorta CEO Recai Dalas will be responsible for Sompo Group's all retail operations outside Japan. Mr. Dalas will be serve as the CEO responsible for all countries affiliated to Sompo International Retail Platform which will be established in Istanbul as of January 01, 2019.

Sompo Nipponkoa, an international insurance group operating in 32 countries, is one of the leading insurance groups inand the world with total premium generation exceeding $ 30 billion, more than 76,000 employees and more than 28 million customers.

The group, having entered Turkish market by procuring Fiba Sigorta in 2010, has decided to tie its retail operations worldwide to Sompo Sigorta Turkey CEO Recai Dalas considering the sustainable growth and profitability performance achieved by Sompo Sigorta.

In this context, Recai Dalas, the founding CEO of Sompo Sigorta, will be the CEO of the Platform, responsible for the group's global retail operations outsideand all countries. Meanwhile Mr. Dalas will continue to serve as the CEO of Turkey.

Management of all countries exceptin the retail line from Turkey, is also perceived as an important message in terms of the current economic conditions. This structuring also shows that Istanbul's geostrategic position has begun to gain value again as a financial center.

Sompo Sigorta Turkey, having achieved equity profitability exceeding 40 percent in last 2 years, comes into prominence with its achievements in technical profitability and sustainable growth performance in terms of Sompo Group and Turkish insurance market. Management stability, a solid corporate culture, strong human resources and the ability to give the right price for the right risk are the factors that lie under this success of Sompo Turkey, which is the fastest growing and continuously profit generating company in last 10 years.

Along with the trust shown by Sompo Global to the CEO Recai Dalas and the management of Sompo Sigorta Turkey, announcement of Turkey and Istanbul as a central region linked by many other countries, come to forefront as a solid indicator of the trust shown.