Fuel Station Package

Your fuel station, which you acquired after big investments, is under coverage by Sompo Sigorta!


You may face with many risks everyday at your fuel station, which you acquired after big investments, With the rich coverages offered by Sompo, nothing will scare you anymore.

Product Content

Theft By Gas Pump Attendant

Underground Tank Leakage Property Loss 

Fuel Oil & Supermarket Commodity Teft

Fuel Oil Fire

  1. Building (Fire)
  2. Internal water
  3. Collusion of land vehicles
  4. Aircraft crash
  5. Snow weight
  6. Smoke
  7. Debris removal costs
  1. Strikes, lockouts, mayhem, public movements, malicious movements, terrorism
  2. Earthquake (Building)
  3. Earthquake (Content)
  4. Glass breakage
  5. Legal protection
  6. 24/7 Help Services 
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Ek Teminatlar

Fuel Oil Commodity (Fire)

Fuel Oil Commodity (Fire)

Fuel Oil Commodity Theft

Fuel Oil Commodity Theft

Environmental Pollution Liability

Environmental Pollution Liability

Safe (Fire)

Safe (Fire)

  1. Machine-installation (Fire)
  2. Market Commodity (Fire)
  3. Decoration (Fire)
  4. Fixtures (Fire)
  5. Storm
  6. Landslide
  7. Flood / Inundation
  8. Watercraft crash
  9. Hail
  10. Fire liability (Tenant / Owner, Neighborhood)
  11. Alternative workplace costs
  12. Loss of Rent of Tenant / Owner
  13. Market commodity theft
  14. Equipment installation theft
  15. Inventory theft
  16. Decoration theft
  17. Theft by Pump Attendant
  18. Downtime
  19. Machine breakage
  20. Electronic device
  21. Earthquake electronic device
  22. Terror electronic device
  23. Underground tank leakage property loss
  24. Incorrect fueling of underground tanks
  25. Employer's liability
  26. Safety abuse
  27. Money on transit
  28. Third party liability and professional liability
  29. Theft as the result of picking of the market commodity
  30. Stealing by picking from the pump
  31. Breakage of the supply gun hose
  32. Physical damages
  33. Lack of insulation
  34. Missing insurance
  35. Electrical damage
  36. Incidental construction works
  37. Inward slump
  38. Food commodity spoilage
  39. Note: Coverages and limits may vary depending on your policy.

Assistance Services

Locksmith Service

Plumbing Works

Glass Works

Electrical works

Professional Workplace Services Organization

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