SME Liability Insurance

SME Liability Insurance is an advantageous SME insurance policy for SMEs with its scope and reasonable price. Check out our product to have information about SME Liability Insurance prices and guarantees that are at your side to prevent situations that may hinder your business and protect your future.


With SME Liability Insurance, coverage can be obtained for small and medium-sized businesses with a maximum of 150 employees in more than 200 branches of activity, without requiring a fire policy.

What is SME Liability Insurance?

Sompo SME Liability Insurance is a package liability insurance that provides coverage against material, bodily and moral damages that SMEs may cause directly or indirectly against third parties and employees during their activities, and meets the needs of businesses regarding other liability coverage.

The scope and guarantees of SME Liability Insurance are summarized as follows.


Product Content

Within the scope of Employer Financial Liability Coverage;

  • Public transport
  • Food poisoning
  • Occupational Diseases
  • Posting with a Task
  • T.R. Non-Occupational Accidents
  • Non-pecuniary Indemnity Claims

Within the scope of Third Party Financial Liability Coverage;

  • Renovation and Incidental Construction Works
  • Goods Left for Repair, Maintenance or Processing Responsibilities
  • Regarding Billboard, Signage and Signaling Tools Responsibilities for Elevator,
  • Monte-charge and Escalator Responsibilities During
  • Official Meeting, Invitation, Fair Organization Responsibilities
  • As a result of Fire, Explosion, Steam, Smoke, Water, Strike, Lockout, Conflict, Public Movements, Malicious Actions
  • Forklift and Lift Liability
  • Contractor-Subcontractor Liability
  • Non-pecuniary Indemnity Claims
  • Food Poisoning
  • Sudden and Accidental Contamination

Within the scope of the Business Liability Coverage

  • Damages to Customer's Property by Employees
  • Installation, Repair and Maintenance at Third Party Addresses
  • Valet Parking and Parking Liability

Within the scope of Personal Accident Coverage;

  • Death
  • Permanent Injury

Within the scope of the Product Liability Coverage;

  • Physical Damages
  • Material Losses

Within the Scope of Manager Liability Coverage

  • Executive Flaws
  • Defense Costs

SME Liability Insurance Policy Prices

You can contact our agencies for the prices of SME Liability Insurance, which is important for SMEs with its wide coverage and affordable policy price. You can also contact us at 0 850 250 81 81 and get an SME Insurance offer.