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You can secure your house, the architect of all your memories and thereby both you and your loved ones.


Your home constituting your private living space, is the architect of all your memories with all good and bad! Protect your home, yourself and your loved ones with Arti Housing Insurance which provides coverage against many different risks that you will encounter in your home with one policy. If you incur any damage, you can call Sompo 24/7 Helpline via 0850 250 81 81 to get detailed information about and benefit from all of our assistance services.

Product Content


Lack of Insulation


Fire and Supplementary Coverage

  1.  Fire, lightning, explosion
  2.  Theft
  3.   Fire financial liability
  4.   Glass breakage
  5.   Change of residence costs
  1.   Debris removal costs
  2.   Loss of rent
  3.   New value assurance
  4.   24/7 assistance services

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Ek Teminatlar

Snow weight

Snow weight





Internal water

Internal water

  1. Storm
  2. Collusion of land vehicles
  3. Aircraft crash
  4. Smoke
  5. Landslide
  6. Strikes, lockouts, mayhem, popular movements, malicious movements, terrorism

Optional Coverages

  1. Earthquake Building / Property
  2. Decoration
  3. Valuable Goods Theft
  4. Electronic Devices
  5. Personal Third Person Liability
  6. Excavation Induced Landslide
  7. Food Deterioration Due to Electrical Damage
  8. Boiler / Generator / Electric Motor (Machine Breakage)
  9. Environmental Landscape
  10. Watercraft Crash
  11. Tree Rollover
  12. Household Goods in Transit
  13. Legal Protection 
  14. Fuel leakage
  15. Pipe breakage
  16. Guest property
  17. Employee Safety Abuse
  18. Personal accident (Death / permanent disability)
  19. Emergency Health

Product Benefits

24/7 Assistance

Assistance Services

Boiler Maintenance / Air Conditioning Maintenance / Carpet Cleaning

Electrical works

Glass Works

Plumbing Works

Locksmith Service