Security Plan

QNB Finansbank CardFinans Credit Card holders are insured against unexpected accidents.


In case of death or permanent disability of QNB Finansbank CardFinans credit card customers, the CardFinans Security Plan is activated and the total debt balance of the last account statement is paid back.


Security Plan Guarantees

CardFinans Security Plan

Loss of Cash, Bag, Key, Wallet, Driver's License and Identity as a result of extortion or snatching

CardFinans Security Plan

Accidental Death & Permanent Disability

CardFinans Security Plan

Credit Card Account Statement Debit Balance

CardFinans Security Plan

Card Holder Liability

  1. Cardholder responsibility:
  2. Credit card account statement debit balance:
  1. Accidental death & permanent disability:
  2. Loss of cash, purse, keys, wallet, driver's license and identity as a result of extortion or snatching
All Coverages

Advantages of CardFinans Security Plan

  • You can choose the package you want from two different limit alternatives.
  • You can benefit from the opportunity to pay premiums in nine equal installments.
  • Note: Coverages and limits may vary depending on your policy.

Who can benefit from Cardfinans Security Plan?

  • All QNB Finansbank CardFinans credit card holders between the ages of 18 and 65 can benefit from it.