Yacht Insurance

With Yacht Insurance, which ensures the safety of your yacht, you can cover all damages that may happen to it.

Transport Insurance Enjoying the sea, sun and freedom, your yacht is secured in case of any accident. In this way, you can ensure his safety, and you can fully and comprehensively cover all damages that may happen to him.


Product Coverage

  1. Damages caused by maritime accidents and hazards such as storms, crashes, collisions, run aground
  2. Fire, explosion
  3. Natural disasters such as earthquake, lightning, volcanic eruption
  4. Damages resulting from contact with land and aircraft or with quay, port equipment or facilities
  5. Damages caused by stranding
  1. Theft of the outboard motor or service boat locked to the boat or service boat, theft of the boat itself
  2. Equipment or machinery forcibly stolen from the boat, at the storage or repair site
  3. Damages caused by hidden defects in boats and machinery, breakage of shafts, explosion of boilers
  4. Damages incurred while towing or launching at the resting place, provided that the laying place (the place where it is taken into care) is notified in advance.
Note: Coverages and limits may vary depending on your policy.
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