My Family insurance Plan

Protect your loved ones with family personal accident insurance! Look to the future with confidence thanks to the My Family insurance Plan, which protects you and your family against unexpected situations. Personal accident insurance For detailed information about family packages and to get a personal accident insurance quote, you can review our Family insurance Plan product.


Don't let unexpected accidents or snatching spoil you at work, in traffic or on vacation. Sompo Insurance is at your side with My Family insurance Plan against bad surprises you may encounter in your daily life.

What is My Family insurance Plan?

The My Family insurance Plan is personal accident insurance for your entire family that you can think of as family insurance. It takes you under financial protection against unexpected and sudden negativities. With My Family insurance Plan, you will take the steps of a safe future for your loved ones.


Product Content

My Family insurance Plan

Everyday Compensation

My Family insurance Plan


My Family insurance Plan

Permanent Injury

My Family insurance Plan


  1. Death as a result of Accident and Earthquake
  2. Permanent Disability as a result of Accident and Earthquake
  3. Accident and Earthquake Treatment Costs
  1. Daily Accidental Hospital Compensation
  2. Losses Caused by Extortion/Snatching
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Advantages of My Family Insurance Plan

  • You can insure the whole family with a single policy.
  • You can choose the package you want from 10 different limit alternatives.
  • If you have "family coverage", you can include all your children in the policy free of charge.
  • You can insure the treatment and disability costs that may occur as a result of the earthquake.

My Family Insurance Plan Insurance Prices

You can contact our agents for the prices of My Family insurance Plan, which can be defined as the personal accident insurance family package. You can also contact us by calling 0850 250 81 81 to get information about My Family insurance Plan insurance prices and coverage.

General Conditions

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My Family Assurance Plan Cover Table

You can visit our agencies or call us at 0850 250 81 81 to review the coverages of My Family insurance Plan and get detailed information.