Education Insurance

For parents who want to have education insurance for their children and to protect their future, Education Security is here! Sompo Insurance Learning insurance is with your child to ensure that his education is not interrupted in unexpected situations and to move forward confidently to the future.


Parents are at ease with the Education insurance Insurance, which is the choice of those who think about their child's future. Secure your child's learning against nasty surprises!

What is Education Insurance?

With Education insurance, parents can guarantee their children's future. Education insurance Insurance ensures that your child can continue his/her education in case of sudden negative situations that will occur within one year from the issuance of the policy, with different plan options and a compensation amount equal to the coverage limit.


Product Content

Education Insurance

Unemployment / Bankruptcy

Education Insurance

Income Support

Education Insurance

Permanent Injury

Education Insurance

Loss of Life

  1. Individual debt 
All Coverages

Product Advantages

  • Up to 8 years of education insurance with a single premium
  • Up to 3 children can be insured on the same policy
  • Right to a discount if more than one child is insured
  • Parents can be insured on the same policy
  • Payment of debts up to 5,000 TL with individual debt guarantee
  • 6 months payment in case of dismissal/bankruptcy
  • Monthly income support during the training period

Education Insurance Prices

You can contact our agencies or call us at 0 850 250 81 81 to get detailed information and offers about education insurance prices, which will provide peace of mind for parents who say "I want to have education insurance for my child", and to perform your education insurance premium calculation.

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Education Insurance

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Education Insurance

Transport and Accommodation of a Family Member Due to Accidental Injury

Education Insurance

Accommodation Due to Accidental Injury

Education Insurance

Transport in Case of Accidental Injury