Sompo Türkiye’yi fırsat ülkesi olarak görüyor

Sompo sees Turkey as a country of opportunity

Sompo Sigorta General Manager Recai Dalas said Japanese investors saw Turkey as a country of opportunity and they would like to grow by acquiring companies if possible

Japan's largest insurer Sompo, operates in 32 countries around the world, including in Turkey. Japanese investors finding profitability and growth figures for Turkey successful maintain their intention to invest in Turkey.

Sompo Sigorta General Manager Recai Dalas, answering journalists' questions at the press conference noting that the main shareholder has continued confidence in Turkey said; They continue to keep their confidence to Turkey based on the growth and profitability figures. They trust the company and Turkey at such a high level. They still regard Turkey as the country of opportunities. If there is a possibility for acquiring a company, they consider it positively too. If there is a meaningful alternative, we will consider it. The environment also develops in that direction. There are companies that come to us on different scales ”

Mr. Dalas expressing that in the coming period in general, the insurance industry does not expect a contraction that will shake the basic dynamics says that, insurance trends do not expect a big decline in the sector, that it is resistant to shocks and foreign capital is an advantage. Sompo Sigorta General Manager Recai Dalas, underlining that the economic problems in Turkey have affected housing and automotive industries at first stage, said that the insurance industry possessed lower ranks in this list.

From Kadife Sahin’s article at Milliyet