Health Insurance for Foreigners


Sompo offers wide guarantees for foreign nationals to feel safe, and ensures that they also receive health care. This insurance, which requires a residence permit in Turkey, provides coverage in case of illness or accident of the policyholder within the specified insurance period.


Coverage of Elite Health Insurance for Foreigners

Health expenditures for diagnosis and treatment of foreign nationals in contracted health institutions are covered subject to the coverage, limit, payment percentage and exceptions specified in the policy. These expenses can be followed from the coverage table prepared in accordance with the Health Insurance General Conditions and Private Health Insurance Regulations specified in the policy to which the insured is subject, and the application principles of health institutions according to these special conditions.

Elite Health Insurance for Foreigners covers the minimum coverage structure determined in the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be Made in Visa and Residence Permit Requests dated 16.06.2021 and numbered 2021/8.

Product Advantages

  • You can benefit from 8 installments for the cash price of contracted credit cards.
  • You can get service from many hospitals thanks to the widespread contracted health care provider network throughout Turkey.
  • You can benefit from special discount applications at contracted institutions.