Health for Foreigners

Sompo creates the best service for everyone by considering foreign nationals.


Sompo offering a wide range of coverage for foreign nationals to make them feel safe, helps them to receive health care. Under this insurance, which requires residence permit in Turkey, the insured in taken under coverage against diseases or accidents within the designated insurance period. 

Coverage of Elite Health Insurance for Foreigners

The health expenditures of the foreign nationals for the diagnosis and treatment of the persons in the contracted health institutions are covered subject to the limit, payment percentage and exceptions specified in the policy. These expenditures, can be followed from the coverage table prepared in accordance with the Health Insurance General Terms and Conditions and the Regulation on Private Health Insurances as well as the principles of application of health institutions in accordance with these special conditions.

Elite Health Insurance for Foreigners covers the minimum guarantee structure specified in the Circular on Private Health Insurance to be made in Residence Permit Requests dated 06.06.2014 and numbered 9.

Product Benefits

Special Terms and Conditions