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Digital Security Insurance is with you so that you don't have any question marks in your mind while taking advantage of digital media at your fingertips!


You socialize, shop, and benefit from various services over the internet. And when you're doing all this, you have security problems in your mind. Thanks to Sompo, you don't have to worry anymore!

Digital Security Insurance covers the material losses to be incurred by seizing the passwords of atm / credit cards over digital platforms, loss of income that may occur due to identity theft and compulsory legal expenses, travel and communication expenses in this direction, re-issuance of lost or stolen identity documents.

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Identity Theft

Internet Browsing Service

Antivirus Protection

Password Theft

  1. Password theft
  2. Identity theft
  3. Reissue identification documents
  1. Internet browsing service
  2. Antivirus protection
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İnternet Tarama Hizmeti

Personal information such as Turkish Identity Number, Passport, Email, ATM Card numbers to be recorded on the inquiry platform with the internet scanning service are scanned retrospectively on dark and deep web. If there is a sign that relevant information can be used by malicious individuals or institutions, they are notified by e-mail. Thus, it provides preventive measures against virtual identity theft to be taken.

  1. A Republic of Turkey identity number*
  2. 10 e-mail addresses
  3. 10 mobile phone numbers
  4. 10 bank or credit card numbers
  5. a driving license number
  6. 2 passport numbers
  7. 10 bank account numbers

Digital Security Insurance provides enhanced protection against malicious attacks and spyware from the Internet with an antivirus protection package to help improve the security of personal data stored in digital media.

Antivirus Service