Digital Security Insurance

If you are starting to doubt about security as you spend time in digital environments, you are in the right place! With Digital Security Insurance, you can spend time comfortably in digital environments by protecting your confidential information.


You socialize over the Internet, shop online, spend time on social networks and benefit from various services. While doing all these, security problems keep spinning around in your mind. Thanks to Sompo, you don't have to worry anymore! Protect your cyber security, don't be left behind.

Digital Security Insurance covers the financial losses incurred by obtaining ATM/credit card passwords via digital platforms, loss of income due to identity theft, legal expenses to be incurred in this direction, travel and communication expenses, and costs of re-issuing lost or stolen identity documents. Digital Security Insurance, where you can make your online banking transactions more secure, is at Sompo Sigorta!

You are safe in the digital world with cyber security insurance that will minimize your cyber risk. By insuring your credit card online, you can shop more easily with your credit card online.


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Digital Security Insurance

Identity Theft

Digital Security Insurance

Internet Browsing Service

Digital Security Insurance

Antivirus Protection

Digital Security Insurance

Stealing Passwords

  1. Stealing passwords
  2. identity theft
  3. Reissue of identity documents
  1. Internet browsing service
  2. Antivirus protection
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Internet Browsing Service

With the internet scanning service, personal information such as TR ID, Passport, Email, ATM Card numbers to be recorded on the inquiry platform are scanned retrospectively on the dark and deep web. If there is a trace that the relevant information may be used by malicious persons or institutions, notification is made via e-mail. Thus, it ensures that preventive measures are taken against virtual identity theft.

  1. 1 Republic of Turkey ID number*
  2. 10 email addresses
  3. 10 mobile phone numbers
  4. 10 bank or credit card numbers
  5. 1 driver's license number
  6. 2 passport numbers
  7. 10 bank account numbers

Digital Security Insurance provides reinforced protection against malicious attacks and spyware from the internet with its antivirus protection package that will help increase the security of personal data kept in the digital environment. Take your digital data security measures in advance and be safe against any negativity that may happen to you!

Antivirus Service

  • Real-time virus protection
  • Safe browsing
  • Privacy protection
  • Online banking protection
  • Wi-Fi security consultant
  • Incoming mail scanning + AntiSpam
  • Gamer mode
  • Password manager
  • Phising and fraud protection
  • Webcam protection
  • Parent counselor service


Financial losses incurred by the insured by obtaining the passwords of the cards declared by the insured over digital platforms are included in this coverage.


In case of theft of legal or official documents used by the insured as identity cards, financial losses that will occur as a result of the victimization are covered within the limits specified in the policy.

Legal Expenses

All kinds of legal lawsuits that may be brought to the insured, as well as legal expenses that may be incurred as a result of lawsuits filed by the insured regarding the financial losses incurred by the insured due to the grievance experienced by the insured, are covered within the limits specified in the policy.

Loss of Income

Income losses that may occur due to unpaid leave from the institution where the insured works in order to fulfill the bureaucratic procedures as a result of an event included in the coverage or due to the loss of wages for the period during which the self-employed insured will have to suspend his commercial activities are covered within the limits specified in the policy.

Other Costs

All kinds of travel, transportation, accommodation, etc. reasonable expenses incurred by the insured in the legal process as a result of an event covered by the coverage are covered within the limits specified in the policy.


In case of theft or loss of the legal/official documents used by the insured as identity cards, the costs of issuing the relevant documents are covered with the limit specified in the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage is the card information entered? Does This Information Create a Problem in Terms of KVKK(Personal Data Protection Law)?

Insured persons enter their card information through our Internet Insurance portal. Therefore, you will not encounter any problems while purchasing the policy.

Is Secure Payment Possible When Buying Insurance Online?

While you protect your future by taking out insurance, Sompo Insurance protects your credit card and you! No purchase is made without your knowledge and approval at Sompo Sigorta, where payments are made with 3D Secure, one of the most reliable online payment methods.“What is 3D Secure” or “What does 3D Secure mean?” If you have any questions, we will answer them immediately. After entering your credit card information at the purchasing stage, you complete the secure payment process by entering the confirmation code sent to your phone number registered in your bank, on the payment screen. Thanks to the 3D Secure Payment system, you can make your insurance transactions over the internet without any question marks in your mind. You can get detailed information by contacting my Call Center regarding your questions about secure payment.

If my card is stolen as a result of theft at home and the transaction is made, will it be covered?

Only financial losses incurred by obtaining ATM/Credit card passwords over digital platforms are covered.

How Do I Install Anti Virus Program?

To get the anti virus code, you can use internet insurance or call the call center and request the code. You can start using the program you will download to your devices by entering your code.

Can I Buy Two Separate Policies for Myself?

In Digital Security Insurance, more than one policy cannot be issued to one person.

Are Cards Seized by Copying Covered?

Damages that may occur as a result of cards seized by copying are not covered by the coverage.

Can a Policy be Issued to Legal Entity?

A policy cannot be issued to a legal entity.