Commodity Transport Insurance

Commodity Shipping Insurance; It provides coverage against the damages caused by the dangers that your cargo may encounter during transportation, which is being transported from one place to another by land route, seaway, airway and rail, and Sompo Insurance is always with you against transportation risks with different commodity transportation products and guarantees that you can buy for your needs.


Product Content

  1. Total Loss; It is the case where the cargo carried together with the transport vehicle is damaged in a way that will lose all its value.
  2. Narrow Indemnity; In addition to the risk of complete loss, it is also covered for partial damage to the load, depending on the accident (collision, collision, overturning, fire, etc.) in which the transport vehicle will be involved.
  1. Extended coverage; It is the type of guarantee that is known as all risk and covers all risks, except for the exceptions specified in the Institute Cargo Clauses (A).
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