Contemporary Conservation Plan

You can protect yourself in daily life with the extortion and snatching guarantee within the scope of the Contemporary Protection Plan. Contemporary Protection Plan is with you for insurance against material losses!


You are safer now with the Contemporary Protection Plan! In today's conditions, you can make up for your losses in a short time against the common snatch or extortion events. Moreover, in addition to your financial losses, you can also insure your responsibilities to third parties.


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Contemporary Conservation Plan

Legal Protection Permanent Disability

Contemporary Conservation Plan

Personal 3rd Party Liability

Contemporary Conservation Plan


  1. Extortion/Snatching
  2. Legal Protection
  1. Financial Liability to 3rd Parties
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Product Advantages

  • With the "personalized card" to be sent to you as an attachment to your policy, you can benefit from the discounts and advantages provided by member health institutions.
  • You can choose the package you want from two different limit alternatives.
  • It secures your responsibilities against third parties.
  • Litigation costs such as attorney's fees, consultancy fees, arbitrator fees arising in legal disputes are covered by the coverage.

Contemporary Conservation Plan Prices

You can contact our agencies or call us at 0850 250 81 81 to get information about the prices of the Contemporary Protection Plan, which protects you against extortion and snatching, and to examine package alternatives.

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Contemporary Conservation Plan

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Contemporary Conservation Plan

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