Mini Housing Insurance

Mini Housing Insurance from Sompo Insurance, special for those who want to secure their home with affordable premiums!


You can secure your living space, where you have accumulated many memories, against possible fire or theft. Moreover, you can also benefit from ConFour Assistance services with its wide service scope.


Product Content

Mini Housing Insurence

Fire (Building - Item)

Mini Housing Insurence

Theft (Item)

Mini Housing Insurence

Fixed Assets of the Building Theft

All Coverages

Product Benefits

  • You can have the first fire-based coverage because the policy is arranged over a value determined by the insured and the insurer. Regardless of the actual value of your property, you can obtain the damage caused by the occurrence of the danger by not exceeding the insurance cost without subjecting it to the rate calculation.
  • You will not be affected by the premium change depending on the square meter and you can take advantage of the fixed premium.
  • You can benefit from ConFour Package Assistance Services that are not available anywhere else.

Assistance Services

Mini Housing Insurence

My Confour Assistant

Mini Housing Insurence

Confour in Travel

Mini Housing Insurence

Confour on the road

Mini Housing Insurence

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