Internet Insurance Privacy Policy and User Agreement

1. Privacy Policy and User Terms

Persons who request to benefit from the services offered on this site accept all of the terms and conditions in this "User Agreement". Persons using or requesting to benefit from the services offered by undertake to abide by the terms and conditions in this "User Agreement" and other instructions on this site. If the users do not accept the terms contained herein, they must stop using this website immediately if they do not access and use it, and if they have started using it.

Sompo Sigorta Inc. reserves the right to make changes in this "User Agreement" and other instructions on this site at any time. These changes will be valid and binding from the date they are published on this site. It is the user's responsibility to follow the changes. The website has no obligation to notify users of changes separately. Users are deemed to have accepted these changes in advance by continuing to benefit from website services.

2. Subject of the Contract

This Agreement also regulates the provisions regarding the rights and obligations of the Parties regarding the insurance service to be provided by Sompo Sigorta. This Agreement, all rights reserved to Sompo Sigorta, "I have read and approved the text of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement." It will be installed by ticking the box.

3.  Rights and Obligations

3.1 By approving this Agreement, the User acknowledges that he is a minor. Those who are under the age of 18 or underage, those who are limited and do not have the power to appeal can only take action through their parents or legal representatives.

3.2 3.2 The user is personally responsible for the use and management of all information, including the user name and password, if any, allowing to benefit from the Site. Members are required to enter their real name or title, address, telephone number, e-mail address information into the system in order to create an insurance offer and make a policy. Every transaction carried out with the username and password was carried out by the User himself. However, the User information, this Agreement within the scope of the Service, within the scope of the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy located at the address of the company, it will be shared with cooperating individuals (Agents, reinsurers, etc.) and institutions and organizations whose transfer is required by law.

3.3 The provision of the Service subject to this Agreement by the User obliges some information to be submitted to Sompo Sigorta. The user enters this information with his own free will and consent to benefit from the Service, and that this information is in accordance with the provisions of the PDPL as specified in this Agreement, for the provision of the Service and/or while receiving the relevant information, Sompo Sigorta's information within its own body, to determine a customer profile. can be used to offer promotions and campaigns suitable for the customer profile and to conduct statistical studies.

3.4 All rights to the software, visuals and designs, texts, logos and graphics on the site belong to Sompo Sigorta. Copying the information and/or software used in the design, content and database creation of the Site and/or making use of the Service and its use beyond the intended use of the Site, all kinds of pictures, texts, images, files, etc. within the Site. Copying, distribution, processing and other use of data is strictly prohibited.

3.5 Any attempt by the users to threaten the security of the Site, to prevent the software belonging to the Site from working or to prevent other users from benefiting from the Site and the Service, placing a disproportionate load on the Site in such a way as to give these results;Accessing, copying, deleting, changing or attempting to access information published on the Site and/or entered by others without authorization; Taking actions that may threaten the general security of the Site and/or harm the Site, Sompo Insurance and other Users; It is strictly forbidden to use software that will prevent the operation of the Site and the software used, to try to be used or to disrupt the operation of all kinds of software, hardware and servers, to cause them to break down, to reverse engineer, to organize attacks, to occupy them or to interfere in any other way, Attempting to access Sompo Sigorta servers is strictly prohibited.

3.6 No element on the site can be published in any way, including but not limited to, on other websites and/or other media in written, oral and/or electronic form, and/or no link can be given to them without the written permission of Sompo Insurance.

3.7 Sompo Insurance cannot be held responsible in any way, directly and/or indirectly, for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties as a result of the User's activities on the Site and/or illegal acts of this Agreement. Any request from third parties in this context and damages arising from the User's failure to fulfill his obligations set forth in the Agreement shall be recourse to the User.

3.8 Sompo Insurance undertakes to perform the Service subject to this Agreement within the conditions specified in the Agreement and within the scope of the law, regulation and other legislation to which it is subject.

3.9 Information security regarding the information provided by the User for the purpose of creating the Offer or in the subsequent process constitutes the first priority of Sompo Insurance. Sompo Insurance takes the necessary measures to prevent the loss, change, misuse of the User's information shared to receive an Offer and to prevent unauthorized access to this information. However, this matter shall not be interpreted as any commitment by Sompo Insurance regarding information security. The risk regarding the use of the Site belongs to the Users.

3.10 The submission of the appropriate offer to the User depends on the complete, correct and up-to-date information provided by the User; The user agrees that if the information provided is incomplete, inaccurate and not up-to-date, he may not receive the appropriate offer or receive any Offer, and therefore Sompo Sigorta will not be responsible for any damages that may arise. Within the limits set by the legislation, Sompo Sigorta may reject the offers or policy purchase requests at its own will and without any reason, or may make the acceptance of these requests subject to additional terms and conditions.

3.11 Sompo does not undertake to provide services to the user in any way with the operation of the Site, and the provision of the service depends on compliance with the rules and conditions specified in this contract and the relevant sections of the Site, providing the necessary information in a complete, accurate and up-to-date manner and paying the policy price.

3.12 The user may not use any of the information and content on the site for financial investment, insurance consultancy or any other advice, recommendation, etc. It accepts and declares that all information, including expert opinions, on the site is for general information purposes only. User; She/He accepts, declares and undertakes that he has checked the suitability and adequacy of the Service and the information form within the scope of the Service, the offer and policies with detailed information on the site, and that he has taken the decision on whether to take the Service and the policies within the scope of the Service and/or to request an offer, entirely at his own will.

3.13 The information on the Site, this Agreement and the rules and conditions on the Site; These are the rules and conditions for the provision of the Service, and will only be considered informative regarding the terms and conditions of the insurance policy within the scope of the Service. The rules and conditions related to the insurance policy are determined by the policy text, general and special conditions and other relevant documents within the scope of the legislation.

4. Beginning of Insurance Coverage

In the event that the User logs in to the site for the purpose of issuing a policy and saves the requested information, the User accepts and declares that by confirming the Information Form(s) and the offer form submitted, he/she has read and understood the contents of these forms, and that Sompo Sigorta fulfills its obligation to inform. The scope and initiation of the insurance coverage are subject to the General Conditions of Insurance ( and the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102.

SPECIAL CONDITION FOR PAYMENT OF THE PREMIUM: Down payment and/or installments of the premium; It is paid to the General Directorate of Sompo Sigorta, to the Regional Directorates, to the bank accounts specified in the policy annex or to the authorized agency that issued the policy, against a receipt/receipt. The liability of the insurer becomes effective on the date the premium or the first installment is paid. If the policyholder has not paid any installments determined on the policy at the end of the due date, he/she will be in default. In case of default on the premium payment debt, the provisions of the Code of Obligations apply. If the policyholder does not pay the premium debt within fifteen days following the default day, the coverage stops for fifteen days following the expiry of this period. If the premium is not paid by the end of this period, the insurance contract will be terminated without the need for any grace or warning pursuant to the 3rd paragraph of Article 124 of the Code of Obligations.

In case the User declares his will in accordance with the offer and accepts to purchase the policy on the Site, which will be issued in accordance with the general and special conditions of the policy, the User shall declare that the policy delivery condition has been fulfilled in accordance with Article 1424 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, in this regard accepts, declares and undertakes that the user will not have any objection.

5. Privacy

Sompo Insurance is protected with an SSL certificate for the security of the information entered. Therefore, the information provided can not be seen by other people on the internet. Personal information includes any other information to identify the user, such as person's name-surname, address, telephone number, mobile phone, e-mail address, and will be referred to as Confidential Information for short. Sompo Sigorta's personal information may be used to determine a customer profile, to offer promotions and campaigns suitable for the customer profile, and to conduct statistical studies. Sompo Insurance under the provisions of this Agreement; undertakes to keep personal information private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation, and to take necessary measures to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or to prevent its unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party without his knowledge and consent. Despite Sompo Sigorta taking the necessary information security measures, Sompo Sigorta will not be liable if confidential information is damaged or in the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the website and the system. Confidential Information can only be disclosed to official authorities if this information is duly requested by the official authorities and in cases where it is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force. You can also access the Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy from the link below.

6.  Cookies

The Site may send "cookies" to the User's computer. Cookies cannot provide data from your computer's memory or from cookie files created by other web pages. Cookies do not harm the computer system. Sompo Sigorta may use cookies to collect information such as the special site areas you visit and the services you use on our website. With this application, repeated visits to the site are facilitated. By changing the settings of your internet browser, you may not accept cookies or you can have your browser warn you when a cookie is sent to your computer.By returning your browser's settings to the original state, you accept all cookies. If you reject cookies, the applications you will encounter on our site and other websites may decrease and some features may not work as desired. Our policy regarding cookies can be found on our website you can access from the link.

7.  User Responsibilities

The User/Member accepts and declares that he/she will receive service within the scope of the information he/she has specified. It is also possible for the user to claim insurance for the benefit of others. The responsibility of all transactions made using the user name and password belongs to the User / Member. For this reason, the User/Member must keep the said username and password securely, not share it with third parties in any way, apply to the website to change the username and password when necessary, or make the necessary action in the relevant area within the site. The User shall be solely responsible for the damages incurred by the User and/or third parties due to the use, loss or change of hands of this information by a person other than the User. The User/Member accepts, declares and undertakes that the information and content provided by them within the Site are correct and in compliance with the law. Actions such as making inaccurate statements to obtain unfair benefits, abusing, hiding existing damages and pretending they happened at a later date, using fake names and credit cards create criminal liability. Sompo Sigorta is authorized to take measures that it deems appropriate, such as prohibiting access to the site, canceling and/or stopping ongoing transactions, reporting and complaining to the competent authorities in order to prevent such behaviors. The User/Member who uses the content and various services offered by using the website can only take action for legal, personal or corporate purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility arising from the transactions made by the User/Member on the website belongs to him. The User/Member accepts and declares that he/she knows that he/she will not engage in any work or action that may infringe on the rights of Sompo Sigorta and/or another third party, and that he/she will not disclose written, visual and audio information, and that the contrary behavior will be subject to criminal sanctions under the Insurance Law.

In accordance with the Law on the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime No. 5549 and the relevant legislation, the User/Member can only transact on his own name and account through the website of In case the User/Member acts on someone else's account, it is obligatory to notify his/her own information and whose account he/she has made the transaction and/or the real beneficiary of the transaction in the website offer steps. Responsibility arising from improper and/or incorrect transmission of information and documents belongs to the User/Member. In case of detection of contrary behavior, Sompo Sigorta will be required to notify MASAK in accordance with the relevant legislation.

8.  Terms of Payment

8.1 If the offer is accepted by the user, the relevant payment will be made via credit card at the time of approval.

8.2 The offer will not become a policy until the payment is made in cases where the insurance premium cannot be received due to insufficient balance in the user's credit card, correct and valid credit card information not provided. After the policy premium is collected, the policy will be in effect as of the collection date.

If the policy premium cannot be blocked or the bank transfer is not made on time, the purchase will be suspended until the blockage can be realized or the payment completed.

8.3 The credit card information requested on the policy premium collection page is never kept on Sompo Sigorta servers in order to keep the security of the customers purchasing policies from the site at the highest level. In this way, all transactions for payment are made between the bank and your computer / mobile device. Sompo Sigorta has no responsibility for any damages that may arise in this matter.

9. Disclaimer

9.1 The user accepts and declares that Sompo Sigorta is not responsible for problems arising from the internet, that the operation of the Site is not free from defects and that he or she may encounter technical problems or access barriers from time to time.

9.2 The user acknowledges that Sompo Sigorta does not guarantee that there will be no viruses, worms or other attacks and unauthorized access to the site, or that no information will be transferred to or from the site.

9.3 Sompo Sigorta is in no way responsible for the direct or indirect material or moral damages that may arise during the connection of the user to the site or due to the content on the site, and the sanctions to be incurred.

10. Force Majeure

In all cases deemed 'force majeure' legally, Sompo Sigorta is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its obligations set out in this Agreement. These and similar situations shall not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default for Sompo Sigorta, or no compensation shall be claimed from Sompo Sigorta under any name for these cases. The term "force majeure" includes, but is not limited to, cyber-attack, natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages, and bad weather conditions, including but not limited to any unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party, which cannot be prevented despite showing due diligence.

11. Agreement

All conditions declared in this Agreement and on the Site come into force upon the User's reading and acceptance of the Agreement.

12. Contract Suspension and Termination

12.1 If the user does not comply with the terms in this Agreement and the rules and conditions declared on the site, if the activities of the user or any content included in the site, if any, pose a risk in terms of legal, technical and information security, sompo insurance will temporarily or permanently prevent the user's use of the site. In the event that the aforementioned violation is not remedied in response to the notification made by Sompo Insurance, this Agreement may be terminated by Sompo Insurance and the Offer given may be withdrawn.

12.2 Sompo Insurance may, at any time, suspend or terminate the service it provides on the Site and this contract, for a period or indefinitely, provided that the User completes its obligations regarding the service purchased at a previous date.

13. Miscellaneous Provisions

13.1 If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable by a competent court or board, such provision will be replaced by a valid provision close to the purpose of the Agreement.

13.2 Sompo Sigorta may link to other websites that are not under its control through the Site.

13.3 Sompo Insurance has the right to unilaterally change, add to or renew, reorganize the site, change the subject, scope and content of the Site and the service, and stop it, at any time and with the condition of informing, without giving any reason. Changes made by Sompo Sigorta to the Agreement, Confidentiality Conditions and other conditions will come into effect on the date they are published on the Site, and the User is deemed to have accepted the current conditions by using the Site. The User shall be personally responsible for the regular follow-up of the said documents.

14. Other Matters

14.1 Sompo Sigorta is completely free to accept or refuse to provide a requested service provided that there is no legal obligation. The User/Member accepts that under the current insurance market conditions regarding the insurance product he/she requested, he/she receives service through the channels that are accessible by Sompo Sigorta and supplying the requested product, and through the Site.

14.2 Sompo Sigorta does not have a legal relationship, partnership or affiliation with the other linked individuals and organizations on the website, and Sompo Sigorta does not undertake the acts or reliability of these individuals and organizations; does not mean that he acts on their behalf, represents them, is their business partner, or authorizes them in any matter, or acts on their behalf. Therefore, Sompo Sigorta is not responsible for the actions and actions of the aforementioned person/persons/institutions.

14.3 Any commitment not given directly by Sompo Insurance is not binding for Sompo Insurance. Sompo Insurance is in no way responsible for any errors, material or moral damages that may arise from the information and visual materials contained in the content of this site.

14.4 Sompo Insurance may cancel or change any part of the site at any time, or limit access to certain features and information on the site or to some parts of the site without notice. Although Sompo Insurance has taken the virus protection measures of the Site, it does not give any guarantee in this regard. The User/Member must take the necessary precautions to protect against viruses. 

15. Dispute Resolution

In all disputes that may arise in relation to this Agreement, the provisions in this text shall be applied first, and the Laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply in cases where there is no provision. Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized to resolve disputes arising from the implementation of the Agreement.