Customer Application Management Policy

As Sompo Sigorta, with a transparent, objective and customer-oriented perspective; We review it within the framework of legal requirements and the contracts we have signed with our customers. We review and analyze all applications with the same importance and use your feedback with the aim of continuously improving our processes.

In line with our confidentiality principle, the use of your personal information submitted during the application is limited by law. Your personal information is only used within our Company for the purpose of evaluating the complaint when necessary, and is not shared with third parties for any reason, unless necessary during the resolution process.

1- Application Process

 All applications received by us are recorded electronically and directed to the relevant units. Your application will be finalized within 15 working days and you will be informed about the solution via phone, sms or e-mail. You can track the current status of your process on our website, Help and Support - Request Complaint Tracking, with the application number notified to you when your application record is processed.

2- Application Channels

You can forward all your insurance-related requests, information and complaints through our Customer Communication Center at 0850 250 81 81 or the Help and Support on our website. -and-complaint-login) area on our website.