Motor Third Party Liability

With Traffic Insurance, you can not only cover your damages, but also the damages of the counter party by extending the Compulsory Traffic Insurance with extra coverage.


When you enter traffic every day with your vehicle, many risks are brought by this. There may be cases where Compulsory Traffic Insurance is not sufficient in case of any damage. Costs covered within a certain limit may sometimes be insufficient. With Sompo Traffic Insurance, which is obtained as the result of the extension of Compulsory Traffic Insurance with additional coverage, you are not surprised in unexpected situations.

Product Benefits

  • Sompo Japan Traffic Insurance covers not only the damage of the other party, but also covers the death and permanent disability for persons in your car at the time you enter the traffic and the damages you will cause to third parties (exceeding the mandatory traffic policy limits).
  • With the Optional Financial Liability included in Sompo Japan Traffic Insurance, you have a higher right than the limit set in Compulsory Traffic Insurance.

General Terms and Conditions