Elite Emergency Health

Sompo Sigorta provides assurance for the immediate treatment costs you need in case of sudden health problems.


You are under the protection of Sompo Sigorta in all vital situations caused by a sudden illness, accident or injury. Moreover, the coverage is valid abroad within designated limits.

Provide assurance with Elite Emergency Health against the situations under the emergency definition made by the World Health Organization, which occur as the result of a sudden disease, accident or injury and constitute vital risks if not intervened

With your Elite Emergency Health Insurance, you can cover your hospital expenses in case of any emergency and health problems within the scope of coverage without paying any additional fee or you can get information for 24/7 on any kind of health problems from the medical advisory line that provides special services to you. You are also taken under coverage abroad within and subject to your coverage limits!

Product Content

Discounted Treatment Service

Medical Consultation-Triage

Emergency Treatment and Land Ambulance

Emergency Coverage for Diagnosis

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Service Scope

Hospital Treatment Costs

It covers the costs of treatment other than surgery in cases that require hospitalization.

Intensive Care Costs

The expenses incurred for each day of the insured in the intensive care unit are covered.

Emergency Ambulance& Medical Consultancy Service

Within the scope of Emergency Health Insurance; You can benefit from ambulance services without any limitation for 1 year in emergency health cases you may encounter and you can get medical consultancy service from specialist doctors by phone 24/7 for all kinds of health problems.

Who can benefit from emergency health insurance?

All customers between the ages of 18-65 can benefit from our product.

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