Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)

Have peace of mind with the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance that you will have against the damages that the earthquake will cause directly or indirectly in the building you live in! All you need to know about TCIP, such as what is Dask and how it is made, is at Sompo. 

You have nothing to fear with the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, which is offered as a guarantee of the state against the direct effects of the earthquake or what it may cause indirectly! A peaceful life awaits you with Compulsory Earthquake Insurance – TCIP (DASK) offered by Sompo. You are in the right place to get more information about TCIP calculation, making, payment processes and compulsory earthquake insurance!


The Buildings Covered in accordance with the Second Article of the Decree-Law on Compulsory Earthquake Insurance No. 587 are as follows:

  1. Buildings constructed as residences on immovables registered in the title deed and subject to private ownership
  2. Independent sections within the scope of Condominium Law No. 634
  3. Independent sections in these buildings used for commercial, office and similar purposes
  4. Houses built by the government due to natural disasters or with loans given

In addition, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is also valid for buildings that comply with the above conditions with a construction servitude, buildings that have not been corrected in the title deed yet and whose qualifications appear as 'land, etc.' in the land registry, and cooperative houses that have not yet been corrected.

We would like to remind you that the insurance of residences that do not yet have an independent title deed and that were built before 2000 can be made based on the declaration of the insured and with the information pertaining to the land title.

Product Content

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)


Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)

Fire Due to Earthquake

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)

Explosion Due to Earthquake

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (TCIP)

Earthquake Caused Landslide


Material damages (including those occurring in foundations, main walls, common walls separating independent sections, garden and retaining walls, ceilings and floors, stairs, elevators, landings, corridors, roofs and chimneys) caused directly by the earthquake, fire as a result of the earthquake, explosion as a result of the earthquake, tsunami as a result of the earthquake, landslide as a result of the earthquake, in the insured buildings are covered by TCIP up to the insurance amount.

All Coverages

Excluded Buildings

  • Buildings belonging to public institutions and organizations
  • Buildings built in village settlements
  • Buildings used entirely for commercial or industrial purposes
  • Buildings that were built after 27 December 1999 but do not have a construction permit within the framework of the relevant legislation,
  • Buildings that do not have a project and have not received engineering service
  • Buildings determined to be modified or weakened in a way that adversely affects the carrier system
  • Buildings constructed in violation of the relevant legislation and the project in a way that adversely affects the carrier system
  • Buildings that are decided to be demolished by authorized public institutions and buildings that are not suitable for residential use, neglected, dilapidated or abandoned

Situations Out of Coverage

  • Debris removal costs, landslides, downtime, loss of rent, alternative residence and workplace costs, financial liabilities and all other indirect damages that can be claimed
  • All kinds of movable goods, goods and the like
  • All bodily damages including death
  • Claims for non-pecuniary damage
  • Earthquake and Damages other than fire, explosion, tsunami or landslide caused by an earthquake
  • Regardless of the earthquake, damage caused by the building's own defective structure over time

Frequently Asked Questions

How is TCIP (DASK) Applied?

You can get a TCIP offer through the form that you can fill in 30 seconds from Sompo Insurance, and then pay it in installments to your credit card or in cash. You can make online TCIP, TCIP policy renewal and online TCIP payment transactions via Sompo Insurance website.

What is TCIP, Is Earthquake Insurance Mandatory?

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance - TCIP is a type of insurance that is taken out to cover possible damage and loss after an earthquake. Fire, explosion, tsunami, landslide, material damages caused directly by the insured buildings as a result of the earthquake are under TCIP coverage. TCIP insurance, which is among the activities of the Natural Disaster Insurance Institution, is a compulsory insurance product. TCIP fee is determined by the Catastrophe Insurance Pool.

TCIP Policy Issuance

The information needed when issuing a TCIP policy in line with the regulation of TCIP is as follows:

Of the insured:

Name and surname


Mobile phone

T.R. Identification number

Tax Identification Number (For Legal Entities)

Building to be Insured:

Open Address (Address Code)

Title Deed Information

Construction Year

Build Style

Total Number of Floors

Damage Status

Your Residence (Apartment):

Gross Area (m2)


Can the Tenant Have Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (Tcip) DASK?

The Natural Disaster Insurance Institution states that the beneficiary is obliged to have TCIP. Tenants cannot take out compulsory earthquake insurance for their residences.

What is DASK(TICP) Address Code?

TCIP Address Code is an application used within the scope of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance. Thanks to this code, it is possible to access all information about the residence. TCIP policy transactions are carried out quickly and reliably with the TCIP Address Code, which is a special 10-digit number.

DASK Address Code inquiry transactions; Via; On the website of Population and Citizenship Affairs (NVI); municipalities, population directorates or mukhtars.

Is TCIP Required for Electricity, Natural Gas, Water Subscription?

According to the decision announced by TCIP management, it is required to have a TCIP policy in order to open electricity, natural gas and water subscriptions. Persons who do not have a DASK insurance policy cannot apply for these subscriptions.

Is Secure Payment Possible When Buying Insurance Online?

While you protect your future by taking out insurance, Sompo Insurance protects your credit card and you! No purchase is made without your knowledge and approval at Sompo Insurance, where payments are made with 3D Secure, one of the most reliable online payment methods.“What is 3D Secure” or “What does 3D Secure mean?” If you have any questions, we will answer them immediately. After entering your credit card information at the purchasing stage, you complete the secure payment process by entering the confirmation code sent to your phone number registered in your bank, on the payment screen. Thanks to the 3D Secure Payment system, you can make your insurance transactions over the internet without any question marks in your mind. You can get detailed information by contacting my Call Center regarding your questions about secure payment.

TCIP Renewal

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy validity period is one year. TCIP renewal period continues 30 days after the policy is completed. In this process, if the compulsory earthquake insurance renewal process is carried out, a discount will be applied.